Alaska Radio Control Society


The next club meeting will be June 7th 2016, 7:30 p.m., at Bells Nursery.

UPDATE: The remaining AirHogs events have been cancelled. June 4th, 2016 there will still be a Memorial Fun Fly Picnic though! September 10th, 2016 there are no scheduled events so feel free to do your own thing!

JBER RC CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! The military implemented a new regulation as of late December 2015 that closes JBER RC field when the base is at threat level FPCON B (which it is currently). The field is closed. Do not go out there for any reason until further notice. We will be able to fly on base again when the threat level is lowered or when they change that policy. In the meantime, do not go out there. Base Ops and base security has been alerted to not allow anybody to fly out there.

There is hope on the horizon. The club is in communication with the base officials and there may be a change in policy coming... Don't lose hope!

Hobbycraft Pretty Plane

HobbyCraft Pretty Plane

The ARCS Hobbycraft Pretty Plane contest winners for May are Jeff Anderson and Lee Truesdell (a tie vote). Jeff (left) with his electric powered Topflite DC-3, spanning 82 inches and weighing 10lbs 14 oz. Jeff installed retracts and flaps, covered with Solartex and latex paint. Lee (right), with his kit built Senior Telemaster equipped with Saito 80 four stroke. It is covered with Ultracote and weighs in at 8 pounds 3 ounces. For their skill and craftsmanship, they both take home a $50 gift card from Hobbycraft!